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  1. One Name W/One Picture
    One Name W/One Picture


    Special Price $15.30 Regular Price $18.00
  2. One Name with One Picture - Magnetic Matte
    One Name with One Picture - Magnetic Matte


    Special Price $10.20 Regular Price $12.00
  3. 5x7 Name Matte (Portrait)
    5x7 Name Matte (Portrait)


    Special Price $10.20 Regular Price $12.00
  4. 5x7 Name Matte (Landscape)
    5x7 Name Matte (Landscape)


    Special Price $15.26 Regular Price $17.95
  5. Double Name Matte
    Double Name Matte


    Special Price $21.21 Regular Price $24.95
  6. Triple Name Matte
    Triple Name Matte


    Special Price $29.71 Regular Price $34.95
  7. Quad Name Matte
    Quad Name Matte


    Special Price $38.21 Regular Price $44.95
  8. 11x14 Double Name
    11x14 Double Name


    Special Price $49.30 Regular Price $58.00
  9. Names with Personality Frame and Mat
    Names with Personality Frame and Mat


    Special Price $27.20 Regular Price $32.00
  10. 11x14 Name
    11x14 Name


    Special Price $49.30 Regular Price $58.00
  11. 8x10 Frame w/Name
    8x10 Frame w/Name


    Special Price $20.40 Regular Price $24.00
  12. 5x7 Two Name Frame
    5x7 Two Name Frame


    Special Price $15.26 Regular Price $17.95
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Personalized name frames

Photographs showcase the important people in our life. There is no better way to portray your family at home or at work than with name picture frames. These impeccably made wooden name frames come in a vast selection of shapes and shades to compliment any home or office environment. With so many choices, you can convey any message you want to send.

Whether commemorating a special event or capturing the simplicity of everyday life, you can proudly display all of your photographs in our unique picture frames. With our multiple photo frames, you can show off all of your child's proudest moments. We also have multiple photo and multiple name frames, so you can display all of your children or two people special to you within one frame. Show how important your family is by using your family name and incorporating your whole family into one of our frames.

Looking for the perfect gift? For the new mother, our personalized name frames are a great choice. Nothing will touch someone more than seeing pictures of their children in our beautifully crafted, personalized name frames. You can also incorporate the meaning of the newborn's name to the frame to convey just how special this child is. Grandparents love their grandchildren. A personalized picture with their grandchildren’s names will surely bring a smile to their face. Better yet, a picture frame of the proud grandparent with their grandchildren and personalized with both the child’s and grandparent’s names will fill them with pride.

Capture a couple's wedding day with our dual named frames to highlight their special day and give the newlyweds a special gift that they will treasure for years to come.

To lose a loved one is always difficult. Show you remember by incorporating a special poem or quote next to a treasured photograph of your loved one in our name picture frames and create a sentimental keepsake that you will treasure for years to come.

Personalized picture frames can turn your favorite photograph into something very special. Whether it is for yourself or for a unique gift, our picture frames are sure to receive many compliments.

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